Summer thrills: visit the real casinos behind the Bond movies

Filming for the 25th James Bond movie has begun in the capital. And to help you get excited for when it finally hits cinema screens next April, the team from have picked out the best casino resorts you can visit this summer, all of which have featured in the $7 billion 007 film franchise. First up is the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Not only did it appear in two James Bond movies, but it also provided the inspiration for author Ian Fleming’s original spy novel. If you like the finer Read more [...]

6 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Next Road Trip

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Road trips are so much fun. At least for me, they are. If you love the idea of browsing around for snazzy RV rentals and love exploring your country, then you know that a road trip is something exciting for you.   From luxury RV rentals to simple campervans, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your trip. Other than the obvious, which is the vehicle that you’ll drive, what else could you think of needing for a successful road trip?   From camping gear to the Read more [...]

The Best Accessories To Pimp Up Your Next Big Camping Adventure

Statistics show that caravan and camping is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and it currently accounts for around $7 billion Australian dollars spending every single year. Statistics from America are even more promising with around 13 million US families planning to camp more, and 1 million new families now camping every single year since 2014. Apparently millenials are the age group driving this new enthusiasm for alfresco accommodation and they account for 38 percent of the 75 million Read more [...]


Ever gone on an adventure that made you feel like you were on another planet entirely? If your answer is no then you have to visit Laos. This beautiful land-locked country is blessed with limestone spires and magnificent temples. Caves abound and wildlife is just as common a feature. All these and more make Laos a must-see for adventurers who love a thrill. A road trip in Laos is definitely incomplete without a motorcycle tour. Here are the reasons why motorcycle tours in Laos are increasingly Read more [...]

5 apps on Android and iOS for your motorcycle road trip

Apps are now part of our daily activity since the advent of smart mobile technologies. I regularly take motorcycle tours in India and always made sure I have these apps installed to help me with the trip. Here are some of my favorites, 1. CamScanner - Document Scanner CamScanner is a great app to keep your documents handy without carrying lots of paper and worrying if they would be damaged or lost during your tour. You can access them online and offline, depending on your plan inside the app. Read more [...]

The Many Reasons Why You Should Visit Montreal

While the USA’s tourism industry is experiencing something of a slump, Canada’s appeal continues to attract holidaymakers from all over the world. The reasons are multifold; extraordinarily beautiful and vast wildlife (a camper’s paradise), the hearty comfort food (bacon and waffles, anyone?), the multicultural and modern cities (renowned even on a global scale) and, of course, the warm and wholesome culture. One of the aforementioned Canadian cities is Montreal, Quebec. If you are unsure Read more [...]

Important Information You Should Know About International Cargo Services When You Move Abroad

We live in the age of globalization. Nowadays, it is really easy for people to ship cargo to any part of the world. This is the type of service that will be needed when moving abroad. Chances are you have so many items that have to be shipped. In such a situation we do have to deal with international cargo services. They are highly beneficial but you simply cannot hire the first company that offers such a service. It is really important that you focus on quality so that moving overseas shipping and Read more [...]

Let’s Get Ready For Your Next Road Trip

Planning a road trip can be one of the most exciting times of your life, especially if you’re traveling with love ones, family members or best friends. When planning a road trip, you may also find yourself not only trying to figure out just where to go and when, but what you need to pack and take with you. Aside from that, you may want to do a little car maintenance before your trip, just in case. This is especially a good idea if you’re planning on traveling a far distance, one that you’ve Read more [...]

How to Travel With a Kayak

Welcome to the world of travel. In this world you’ll find lots to do and see as well as endless opportunities to learn new cultures, take beautiful photos and dine on foreign dishes. If you’re traveling for a sense of outdoor adventure, you’ll want to take a look into the world of kayaking as well. These two worlds match perfectly with each other. Traveling for adventure Most of us love to travel and see the world, or at least our own country or state. If you’re one of the many that like Read more [...]

Gifts from the Kitchen

Do you have an exceptionally large list for gift giving this season? Maybe you’ve got more time than money. Unfortunately, this time of year, both time and money seem to be in short supply. Follow some of these recommendations from the gift giving experts to take the stress out of gift giving and put the delicious back in. One of the great options that has emerged in the last few years is the gift of ingredients.  Dig out the recipe for your favorite cookies, pound cake or bar candy. Print out Read more [...]