5 apps on Android and iOS for your motorcycle road trip


Apps are now part of our daily activity since the advent of smart mobile technologies. I regularly take motorcycle tours in India and always made sure I have these apps installed to help me with the trip. Here are some of my favorites,
1. CamScanner – Document Scanner

CamScanner is a great app to keep your documents handy without carrying lots of paper and
worrying if they would be damaged or lost during your tour. You can access them online and
offline, depending on your plan inside the app. You merely have to take a photo and then if you
would like you can keep it in a separate folder. The app automatically enhances your image
and can extract text from your image. Available on Google Play Store and Itunes App Store for
free and was awarded Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store.

If you have one of the newest smartphones, you are able to use this app which is based on an
accelerometer, which detects a fall. If you would find yourself in such situation, the app sends a
message to your emergency contact with the link to a map of your location, using your phone’s
GPS function. Available on Google Play Store for free.

3. Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas
Drivvo is advertised for cars, but you can make a great use of it for your motorcycle as well.
Awarded Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store, this app can help you manage your vehicle,
track your fuel and find gas in low prices nearby. Available on Google Play Store and Itunes
App Store for free.
4. Diablo Super Biker

This app created by Pirelli provides you specific information about your and your motorcycle’s
performance. You can learn from it about your acceleration, altitude, the center of mass and
tire width. It provides you with details about weather and detects the type of asphalt of your
route. Available on Google Play Store and Itunes App Store for free.

5. Morecast™ – Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget

Most accurate and complex weather app in my experience. You can check your forecast, see
the weather radar, view 3D globe with all main details used to predict the weather. It also offers
feed with local community input of images and webcams all around the world. You can
navigate your route with a choice of car, motorcycle, bike or walking and compare the weather
of two different locations. You have an opportunity to check out graphs with weather details up
to 14 days in advance. Available on Google Play Store and Itunes App Store for free.
Links to mentioned apps bellow:
1. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator





3. Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas



4. Diablo Super Biker



5. Morecast™ – Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget




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