5 Out Of The Box Summer Getaways


Summer comes around fast, so now is the time to prepare for your big getaway. Whether you’re cooking up another great adventure or just kicking back with your pals, you can always go on an out-of-the-box trip guaranteed to blow your mind. Here are some trip suggestions you could take this summer season:

Alter the weather

Tired of the heat during the summer? Why not chill out up in the mountains and go skiing? Summer can be uncomfortable now that we’re experiencing the effects of global warming, but you can always stay cool and relax while gazing at the powder white snow in the horizon. Trade the heat for the cold weather and experience a different kind of chill this summer season.

Trip out on the road

Instead of flying to whatever destination, why not try go on a road trip with your friends. We’ve recently seen a decrease in the price of gas, making it possible to drive to far off destinations, away from the maddening crowd! Another fun aspect of going on a road trip is experiencing all the local pit stops and quirky culture. Make it a point to frequently stop at random places if you spot something cool. Take in the scenery as you drive from one coast to another. If you don’t have the patience for driving, you can always take the bus or the train to see the rustic feel of the countryside.

Go on a medical vacation

Is there something you want to change about you? Perhaps you’re looking to get a nose job or a tummy tuck? One great way to spend the summer is to go on a medical vacation. Travel agencies are now offering medical packages that allows you to relax and stay comfortable after you’ve had your face altered. Plastic surgery costs less in places like Southeast Asia, but the doctors are just good as the ones in Los Angeles. Talk to your travel agent and your doctor about going on a medical vacation and feel different this summer.

Pop pilgrimage

Think about your favorite show or film or comic book and go on a mission to visit the places where your favorite characters thrived. Fans of the Lord of the Rings series can visit the actual set where the movie was filmed via New Zealand’s The Lord of the Rings tour. You don’t need a helicopter or a giant eagle to see these stunning locales because your travel agent can set up travel and accommodation for you.

Cabin fever

If you’re looking for a piece of quiet and serenity, maybe you should head off to the woods and be at one with nature. There are luxury cabins in Hocking Hills, Ohio that offers great amenities that go perfectly with the stunning views of the landscape around you. Being in the woods can be a relaxing way to spend the summers away from the city.



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