5 Reasons You Have to Visit Liverpool


From amazing music, cultural attractions and giant events, there are just too many reasons to visit Liverpool to mention. So, we have simply selected our favourite things about the city to show you why you just have to book a Liverpool serviced apartment.


  1. Maritime History

Liverpool’s maritime history is so extensive that it has a whole museum dedicated to it, in the form of the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Here you can explore the city’s seafaring past by taking a look at genuine RMS Titanic memorabilia and learning more about Liverpool’s role in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II. You can also enjoy a stay at 30 James Street, which is a Titanic themed hotel that celebrates the building’s past as RMS Titanic’s port of registry.

  1. Grand Events

Liverpool is unlike any other city in the world – and so are her events. With giant puppets walking the streets, a giant mechanical spider crawling its way along the city centre and three Cunard Queens making their way to the city, Liverpool has a history of offering bold moments that will last in locals and tourists’ memories for a lifetime.

  1. Exciting Music

The Guinness World Records declared Liverpool has the Capital of Pop, as the city has produced more number one artists than any other destination in the world. From The Beatles to Echo & the Bunnymen, Liverpool has it all. You can even catch amazing sets from talented scousers at venues across the street or just busking in the city centre.

  1. Incredible Characters

Liverpool has built up quite a reputation for offering a warm and friendly welcome to tourists. Scousers are always happy to lend a helping hand or just have a chat at the bar or the bus stop. So, if you’re looking for a city break that’s full of friendly and fun characters, Liverpool will be right up your street.

  1. Beautiful Architecture

There are so many beautiful buildings across the city that demand to be looked at. The Liverpool waterfront is packed with incredible architecture that are exquisite, inside and out. Just some of the most notable buildings include St George’s Hall, the Three Graces and the Albert Dock.


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