6 Exciting Ways To Enjoy Miami


Glamour, glitz and beaches. Miami is one of the most-exciting places to visit in the world. There are many fun things to do on a trip to Miami. The region is full of tourist attractions, cool bars and even a bit of culture. If you are new to sightseeing, you should make sure you look for the right bars to relax in and the right beaches to walk along at night. There are many different areas in Miami, and you want to find the ones that are right for you. Here are six exciting ways to enjoy Miami.


1. Use the journey planner for your trip


The great thing about Miami is that it is easy to get around. The public transport in the city is fantastic and cheap. That means that you don’t have to waste your money on expensive cab rides. You can use the journey planner online to plan out your trip to Miami before you get there. That means that you will have more time to enjoy the beaches when you get to the city.


2. Find the cheapest hotels


Some of the hotels in Miami can be expensive. If you are travelling in peak season, you will find that accommodation is your largest expense. Before you go to Miami, compare hotel room prices online. Sites, such as Venere, allow you to find the cheapest rooms. Doing so will mean that you save yourself a lot of money. You should never pay too much for hotels.


3. Visit a free laser show


If you happen to be in Miami on the fire Friday night in a month, you are in for a treat. The Miami Science Museum puts on free laser shows every month. Much of the entertainment in the city is expensive, and so the laser show is a real bargain. Make sure you get there early, though, as you’ll find everybody has the same idea.  The show only lasts about 30 minutes, but makes a great start to an evening out. Go before dinner and enjoy the show.


4. Visit Zoo Miami


You can’t go to Miami without visiting the zoo. The zoo is famous for its wide range of animals. There are all kinds of animals from lions to tigers to bears (oh my). One of the best things about the zoo is that it seeks to help endangered animals. That means that by attending the zoo, you are helping animals who would not survive in the wild. It will cost you a small fee to enter the zoo. The fee changes from season to season.


5. Enjoy the art around you


Miami is the home of Art Deco. If you adore culture, there are many fantastic art pieces to see in the city. You can book specific art tours and have someone talk you through the history of art in the city. Or just take a wander around the city streets and see it all for yourself. The tour takes a couple of hours and is ideal if you want to kill a little time between meals. Make sure you wear good shoes, though, as you will be spending the entire tour on your feet.


6. Dance in Little Havana


Miami is a diverse city. As such, there is a huge Cuban influence in some areas of the city. Whilst in Miami, you should take the chance to see some of the Cuban-inspired bars and clubs. One of the best is Little Havana. The bar is always lively and loud, but don’t let that put you off. You can dance with the locals and enjoy a slice of Cuban life.


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