Amazing Reasons to Take a Foodie Tour on Your Next Vacation


Would you describe yourselves as a foodie? Everyone loves food, but some people go above and beyond in their love for it – both eating and cooking. If you can’t go to a restaurant without asking what’s in the dish you ordered, you’re probably one of those people. The great thing about having a love for food is that you can combine it with a love for travel. Food varies greatly all over the world. And learning about regional dishes and their history is one of the best things about seeing the world. A love of food can combine history, anthropology, sociology and art all in one delicious package. If you’re a foodie, consider going on a foodie vacation next time you go away.


Living Like a Local


By taking a foodie tour of a city or country, you can experience the place like a local. Sometimes it’s difficult to find authentic restaurants in places that are heavily populated by tourists. To get away from the places that only offer burgers and pizza, join a tour that will give you a proper insight into your destination. As well as visiting restaurants and even places where food is grown, you can take cooking classes to learn to make local dishes. You may discover that what you’ve been eating at home is completely different to the original and authentic dish.


Take Recipes Home


One of the best things about a food tour of a new destination is discovering new dishes and trying to recreate them at home. Any food lover enjoys collecting recipes from different countries, regions and even families. If you don’t manage to get a recipe you loved while you’re there, you can always find them on the internet once you get home. For example, these Donald Russell mince beef recipes come from all over the world, including South America. It’s great trying to recreate dishes at home, even if you sometimes have to search high and low for a particular ingredient. Part of the fun is trying to find a substitute for something you’ve discovered you can’t get at home.


A Better Understanding of History and Culture


By learning about the food of a certain people, you can get a better insight into their history, culture and even language. For example, you can learn about the Portuguese influence on Goan cuisine through how the signature dishes of the culture came about. If you love researching history and culture, a foodie tour will offer you more context for the food you try, instead of you just eating it and knowing it tastes good.


Find the Best Places


Finally, if you go on a guided tour, you’re sure to have a knowledgeable guide who is often local to the area. You know that they’ll help you find the best places to eat, instead of letting you get trapped by the tourist restaurants. They’re great for helping you avoid dodgy places too, which can be a risk if you try to discover restaurants on your own.

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