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Why Visit Lake Como?

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I headed for Lake Como, where our friends were tying the knot. I was promised that it would be a stunning location, with superb weather and fantastic food – it sounded like the perfect holiday.   We drove down through France, over the Swiss Alps, where the
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Easily Rent Appartamenti Case Vacanze Umbria for a Memorable Short-Term or a Longer Vacation

Umbria is a beautiful region lying in between Rome and Florence in Italy. Umbria is famous for its ancient castles, lush greenery and rich art and culture. Every year, endless numbers of travelers come in the Umbria region to explore its rich flora and fauna and enjoy its local cuisine and wines. Staying in Umbria
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By coach better than by car – by far!

Driving the family can be stressful at the best of times; children can get irritable, even travel sick, after a time in the back of the car. There is little for them to do and the experience is generally forgettable. It is surely far more preferable to take away the pressure of driving and to
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Florence Festival Calendar 2013

No matter when you arrive in the birthplace of the renaissance in Italy, Florence, this fabulous city is always bustling with some or other culture event or festival. The city is world-famous for its art, architecture, culture and history. It undoubtedly is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. So, if you are looking for
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Top Tips for Making Long Distance Travel Stress Free

 Long distance travel, whether for business or pleasure, can be tiring. These top tips will help to make your next journey that little bit more comfortable. For most people, the best bit about travelling is arriving at your destination. Exploring foreign countries, relaxing by the pool at the hotel, or meeting up with long lost
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