Why Visit Lake Como?

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I headed for Lake Como, where our friends were tying the knot. I was promised that it would be a stunning location, with superb weather and fantastic food – it sounded like the perfect holiday.   We drove down through France, over the Swiss Alps, where the summer sun turned to snow-capped mountains, and down into the depths of northern Italy. Two days later, we found ourselves wending our way down to magnificent Lake Como. My first sight of the lake Read more [...]

Easily Rent Appartamenti Case Vacanze Umbria for a Memorable Short-Term or a Longer Vacation

Umbria is a beautiful region lying in between Rome and Florence in Italy. Umbria is famous for its ancient castles, lush greenery and rich art and culture. Every year, endless numbers of travelers come in the Umbria region to explore its rich flora and fauna and enjoy its local cuisine and wines. Staying in Umbria is not a problem since the place has plenty of apartments readily available on a daily or weekly rental basis. Appartamenti case vacanze Umbria promise modern facilities in traditional Read more [...]

Top 5 Spring Breaks

Spring is a really popular time to get away and take a break. After braving the first few months of the New Year, getting back in to work mode and losing those few pounds you deserve a treat! Below are some picks, for all budgets and requirements to give you some ideas. From high budget luxury holidays to Sand Piper Bay through to camping in the dales on a shoestring we have catered for all, so enjoy! Off Road Biking in Yorkshire Enjoy the British countryside with a quaint log cabin, a picnic and Read more [...]

The Bucket List: Five European Cities You Simply Have to Visit

Anyone who’s travelled knows just what a wonderful thing it is to experience different cultures and see the sights.  However, if you’re just getting started then you might find it tricky choosing exactly where you should go first.  This little list should help you.  Simply, these are the five European cities that you should see first.  Once you’ve visited them, then you can worry about everywhere else! Amsterdam.  In a purely aesthetic sense, Amsterdam might well be the most beautiful Read more [...]

Escape To Missoula For Culture And Adventure

http://www.flickr.com/photos/fsnorthernregion/4924704022/ Over the years, Missoula, Montana, has grown to become one of the most travelled locations for people who are looking to experience culture as well as adventure. Missoula’s economy has been based on trade, agriculture, and timber since the 1920s. However, the economy has flourished over the past years, making it one of the strongest in Montana. Missoula is recognized as the Garden City due to its lush green environment and fresh water. Read more [...]

Experience Catalonia off the Tourist Path

Tourists, when they come to Spain, do not realize that there is one region inside this European country that has its own culture and traditions and a 1000 year old history that is distinct from that of Spain. Yes, I am talking about the north eastern region of Spain called Catalonia that is an autonomous region treated as an independent country by it 6 million inhabitants. The region is divided into 4 provinces namely Barcelona, Girona, Lieida, and Taragona and covers a huge area of 32000 square Read more [...]

The Various Attractions Present in the City of Dubai

Dubai, a city located in the emirate of the United Arab Emirates is one of the largest visited cities in the whole world. It is the city that people travel to the most yet it is considered as one of the safest cities in the world. The city is located at a central location between Europe, Asia Africa and thus serves as a crossroads between these three continents. This important position has made the city quite prominent and important and is one of the reasons for the fastest growing rate of the city. Read more [...]

The Top Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Vacationing in Hong Kong? Looking for the best attractions to visit here? Look no further. We have scouted a list of attractions that are surely not to be missed while on a trip to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has many events and attractions and the city is a vacationer's paradise for those who are looking for endless adventure and wish to see the excitement of the city while traveling abroad. Another irresistible aspect about a Hong Kong holiday is how affordable it can be provided you do a little research Read more [...]

Cool Things to See in LA

If you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles area, one of the first things you need to decide is what you are going to see when you get there. The LA area is full of world famous landmarks and hotspots as well as low-key beaches and trendy celebrity hangouts. LA is a city that rarely ever sleeps and there are often plenty of things to do and see no matter what time of the day it is. Here are few places that you can go and see the next time you visit the City of Angels. Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard Read more [...]

Simplify your travel bookings with Cheap Air Tickets

People from all walks of like have the wish to travel and discover the world but our wishes are stopped by the harsh reality of steep prices. International traveling and flying was never easier than today’s times. Cheap Air Tickets provide you the best opportunity to make your travel dreams come true. Expensive flights, hotels , car rentals, and vacation packages, tickets to sightseeing and entertainment places are sure to burn a hole in your pocket. To encourage travelling and tourism and increase Read more [...]