Top weekend break destinations in the UK

Living in the UK we’re lucky that we can get to the other end of the country in just a few hours, and this opens up a whole world of possibilities for a weekend break. Even if you live on the south coast it is still feasible to head to Scotland for a few days’ getaway, and whether you drive or use public transport the journey is never too difficult (you can fly from London to Scotland, too). So if you have a long weekend coming up and want to get away with the other half, where should you Read more [...]

Top spots for a weekend break in the North of England

      Imaged above: Thornton Hall located in Wirral, North of England. Going on a short break is a fantastic way to let out some steam, relax and forget the troubles of a hard working life. In England, there are many places you can visit which you will have most probably never seen before. These tourist hotspots are full of history and character, however there are other local places to visit which are just as beautiful and welcoming. The North of England is a good place to start. Read more [...]

Reasons Why London Holiday Apartments are Cheaper and the Benefits

Serviced apartments are a breath of fresh air for most looking for holiday, short-term, and longer term accommodation. They are more well-known today given the recent rise in popularity and since the recent rise in demand; they are popping up everywhere. They are so much more than you can find in any other form of accommodation and the most cost effective, comfortable home from home solution that is available today. There is nothing more convenient, spacious, private, and homely an option to Read more [...]

Cool Things to Bring on Your Festival Camping Trip

With summer approaching, numerous announcements are being made about this year’s music festivals. With so many in the UK - from the huge commercialised events such as Glastonbury and Reading Festival, to hundreds of smaller musical get-togethers, there is always something for everyone, whatever kind of music you are in to. One of the most exciting parts of a festival is the camping experience. You no longer just need to prepare for the amazing bands and artists you are going to see, you also Read more [...]

Butterfly Valley, Turkey – The Turkish Heaven

Not far from the town of Fethiye, on the southwest coast of Mediterranean Turkey, sits the wondrous Butterfly Valley. Fethiye is a city of around seventy thousand inhabitants and regular transport. Once you get to Fethiye, try to find a transport to Olurdeniz (translated as ‘dead sea’, but not to be confused with The Dead Sea). Olurdeniz is a popular tourist destination, especially among the English speaking world. It is teeming with pubs showcasing English Premier League football matches and Read more [...]

Barcelona – A city that entices you with its Rich Culture and Heritage

Barcelona, a city, known for its scenic beauty and rich culture is also one of the most important cities of Europe and a popular tourist spot. People who visit Barcelona are never heard of complaining about anything. The city offers a lot, which is why the travelers always look forward to spend their vacation here. Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain is situated on the north eastern coast of Spain. The history of this city is not only rich but also ancient; it could be traced back to over Read more [...]

Top 5 Places to Visit in Miami

Miami is a classic travel destination in the United States. With plenty of fun, luxury, and entertainment, this South Florida city has so much to offer that your itinerary will be packed every day. Between glamorous designer shops, soothing spa houses, and gorgeous beaches, you may find that Miami can be a lot to take in. However, there are a few places that you shouldn’t miss on your trip. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Miami. 5. Ancient Spanish Monastery St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church Read more [...]

Take to the Hills on an American Walking Adventure

North America is blessed with a huge variety of landscapes. This offers the perfect setting for walkers of all abilities. Whether you're looking for a gentle stroll through the woods or a more adventurous hike up the mountains, planning a trip to North American is a must. Being such a vast country, you're never going to see everything that North America has to offer. However, by setting off on a walking adventure rather than sticking to the usual tourist hotspots, you'll be able to experience some Read more [...]

Island Hopping in the Bahamas

Visiting the Bahamas gives travelers the unique opportunity to explore some the world’s best unspoiled beaches. Travelers could take advantage of the numerous travel packages that offer great deals for people who want to see the best natural attractions like those offered by the Ocean Club Bahamas. Visiting one of the islands could be an adventure but having the opportunity to visit two islands could be twice as fun. So the next time you’re planning to make a trip to the Bahamas, here are three Read more [...]

Concierge – Walking Side by Side!

Life is not just to evaluate, analyse and work, but also to live. Once an individual starts living, everything else follows without any special effort, and travelling is a way to live life to the fullest. With people wishing to do only that what is needed to be done on a trip, they either feel unenthused by the tasks of travel arrangements or forget about holiday travelling given the mounting work on desk. This is where travel concierge steps in. In a Job of Assisting Travellers Now days, the periphery Read more [...]