Cool Things to See in LA

If you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles area, one of the first things you need to decide is what you are going to see when you get there. The LA area is full of world famous landmarks and hotspots as well as low-key beaches and trendy celebrity hangouts. LA is a city that rarely ever sleeps and there are often plenty of things to do and see no matter what time of the day it is. Here are few places that you can go and see the next time you visit the City of Angels.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard wanders its way through north LA, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Also known as the Sunset Strip, It is a great starting point for getting an exclusive look at the Los Angeles area. Here you will be treated to a scenic drive along the Pacific Ocean while you wind through some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world. World famous night clubs and street parties abound on the strip.

Venice Beach

Heading out to Venice Beach on LA’s west side is the perfect way to spend a hot day in California. Venice Beach is the thing to see if you are planning a visit to LA in the near future. This is the perfect people-watching beach in California, because you will get a true taste of the variety of characters that make up LA. Everything from fortune tellers to roller-blading bikini-babes can be found on and around the beach area. There is a boardwalk that hosts a variety of sights and entertainers including dogs wearing charming outfits and budding musicians and other artists.

Rodeo Drive

Whether your pocket book is short on cash or you have an endless budget, you will definitely want to check out the famous Rodeo Drive area that is north side of LA metro in Beverly Hills. This is an upscale shopping Mecca that is world-renowned as being one of the hottest trendsetters for fashion and up-scale shops. Even if you don’t plan on dropping a few thousand dollars at one of the signature shops or boutiques, you can still window shop. This is a great celebrity hot spot and the perfect place to people watch if you are looking to kill a little time.

El Capitan Theater

If you are looking for a more historical side of Los Angeles, you will have to take the time to visit the El Capitan Theater. An historical landmark that was renovated in 1991 and restored to showcase its original beauty, it will be a life-changing experience for you as it transports you back to into time. The theater is owned by Disney and often showcases Disney movies, shows and films exclusively. The uniqueness of this theater is that the entry way and walls leading into the theater will reflect the movie or show being played. Disney characters interact with patrons before and after putting on a stage show pre-empting the movie feature. There is also a Disney store and sweet shop that features an old fashioned soda fountain. This is the perfect getaway for the entire family.

There are several things to see and do in the LA area as well as the surrounding areas. You can find cheap flights to LA that will help reduce travel costs allowing you to see and do more. Traveling to California is great any time of the year, the weather stays moderately warm in the LA area with cooler temperatures in the evening. Keep in mind that spring break time is a popular tourist time, so plan your trip accordingly.

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