Deck Out Your Wakeboard Boat With These Sleek Accessories


Your wakeboarding boat isn’t just for boarders anymore. Now you can turn your craft into an entertainment center that’s great for the driver and passengers too. Kick the clutter and make the most of your experience with these savvy wakeboard boat accessories.




Boat racks are an inexpensive investment worth making. These handy holders mount onto your tower and keep the clutter out of your cabin space. Wake Essentials carries racks come in a wide variety of styles and capacities so you’re sure to find something that works for your needs. Some racks, like the Skylon X2, can carry double the gear while others, like the Big Air Razor Combo, are specifically made to hold one wakeboard and one kneeboard, for example. Whichever you choose, it’s a safer way to transport your boards and maximize space for passengers.




Boating at night is dangerous and should not be attempted. If you’re going to tie your boat up out on the water for the night, however, tower lights are terrific companions. They also add style and appeal even if you only plan to boat during the day. Lights come in a variety of systems from Wake Essentials. You can choose single lights, a bar of lights, or even a dual light and audio bar like the Big Air Combo.




After taking all proper precautions, the last thing you want to worry about when you’re flying through the air on your wakeboard is water safety. Installing a simple mirror gives you and the driver the peace of mind you need to get back to your skills training. A mirror, whether a windshield model or side arm, lets the driver see you while you’re boarding so he or she can admire your tricks and take immediate action if you wipeout.




Audio is one of the best enhancements you can give your boarders and casual passengers. Although wakeboarding is a blast as is, adding a thumping bass and cruising to your favorite tunes makes it that much more enjoyable. Wake Essentials carries the best in audio equipment, from modest single speaker options all the way up to the weather resistant, top of the line Skylon Vector 8. Some, like the Kicker Long Range System, are even designed to let you hear the beats up to 50 feet away.


Rocket Launchers


The only rockets you should be launching from your boat are your wakboarders as they fly through the air. If you ever want to do some fishing from your wakeboard boat, however, you can do so easily by installing a rocket launcher. Named more for its look than its function, rocket launchers let you store fishing rods on your boat. Wake Essentials carries two and three rod holder models.


Rope Hooks


Rope can be your best friend on the water and quickly turn into your biggest nightmare if it tangles or gets caught. You can avoid both of these problems by installing Roswell Rope Hooks. This inexpensive accessory mounts onto tubing and neatly stores your tow rope. A simple twisting movement keeps excess rope out of the way and prevents it from slipping into boat compartments. Rope hooks let you focus on your next trick instead of the rope dangling from the boat.

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