Experience Barcelona: 6 Incredible Ways To Create The Perfect Spanish Trip


Barcelona is one of the most-interesting cities in Spain. Unlike Madrid, the city has a bohemian vibe to it that comes from the wide range of people in the city. The streets, such as Las Ramblas, are home to a variety of street artists and events. Spending time in this fantastic city is a great way to experience true culture. In the city, you will find everything you need or want. From hidden bars to a buzzing nightlife, the city is great for young travelers. Here are six ways to create the perfect Spanish trip.


1. Learn some Catalan phrases


Many people think that they can get by speaking Spanish in Barcelona. In fact, you will find that many of the people in the city will refuse to talk to you in Spanish. The city is proud of its Catalan heritage, and so the local people in the city speak Catalan rather than Spanish. If you don’t want to cause offense, it is worth looking up some phrases before you go to the city itself. Many of the people in the city speak English as it is an international language. Having a few native phrases will impress the locals.


2. Hire an entire apartment


The city is busy, and many of the hotels are expensive. You might find that it is cheaper to book an entire apartment or house within the city. There are many beautiful apartments and houses that you can check out here. Make sure that you book far in advance to get the cheapest deals. You will find that having some space away from the city streets will be a huge relief.


3. Brush up on your art and culture


Home to many Gaudi architectural wonders, Barcelona is a city of culture. Look into attractions before you visit the city. The city itself can be difficult to navigate. That means that you could find yourself losing your way if you don’t plan in advance. Make sure that you take a peek at the Park Güell in the city. The park is on top of one of the many hills in Barcelona and is home to some of the most-fascinating art pieces.


4. Try some authentic Spanish cuisine


Whilst in Barcelona, it is vital that you try some of the delicious cuisines the city has to offer. Paella is rich and tasty in the city and uses a great deal of seafood. The city is coastal, and so you can be sure that all the fish is fresh on a daily basis. You might also want to try some tortilla, which consists of egg, potato and peppers. In English people call this dish a Spanish omelette, but somehow tortilla sounds nicer. Go to one of the local restaurants, rather than the tourist cafes on the main streets.


5. Go shopping in the city center


As with any major city, Barcelona is a great place to shop. If you love shopping, you should take extra travel money to buy some great items in the city. There are many huge department stores and brand name shops that will tickle your fancy. The city even has an Apple store.


6. Take care with your personal items


Whilst Barcelona is a great place to visit, it comes with its dangers. The city is rife with thieves who target tourists. If you stray from the main streets, you will find that there are many people waiting to try and rob you. Take care with your personal things. Only carry small amounts of money and never carry your travel documents. Make sure that you are always on the look out for people so that you don’t become a target of crime.


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