Family Holidays With A Difference


Enjoying the holidays can be done in a number of different ways. You can bring the fun back into your family vacations by exploring unique options that will excite and liven up your little ones.

Kids love to explore different places and see different things during the holidays not only to have a cool thing to say when they’re back in school, but also because of the experiences and memories that you can build when you spend time together.

Here are some interesting holiday choices that you can experience for your next vacation!

Stay and ski

If you’re tired with the heat that the summer can bring, you can try hiking up the snowy mountains of Park City, Utah where it’s all fun and laughter in the snow. There’s a Stay and Ski package every March that offers amazing prices for a jam-packed holiday. You can stay at a number of mountainside rental properties that have great views of the snow-covered mountains and lands. Kids can learn how to ski with the help of friendly guides and you can even build a snowman even if the sun is up high!

Safari experience

You don’t have to fly off to an exotic destination to get the full safari experience. You can find one right at the heart of Texas. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a sprawling property that extends up to more than 400 acres. Within its confines lies over 500 animals that roam free within the grounds. You can choose to ride around with the drive-through tour or you can follow the walk-a-bout route to get close with animals like giraffes and llamas. The best part is that it’s open 362 days every year!

Beach home away from home

To really feel at home while you’re on your beach vacation, we recommend renting an entire home instead of an ordinary hotel room. Hotel rooms tend to be more expensive if you’re planning to stay with the entire family, but house rentals within the beach area offers better rates. Some vacation houses include better amenities and a full-working kitchen where you can prepare healthy meals for your entire family.


If you’re aiming to tighten up your budget this holiday season, why not spend quality time at home with the family. Instead of living out your daily routines, you can spice up your holidays by preparing fun activities during your staycation. Play games, have a family cookout, design your own quilt, you can do a lot just by spending time together at home!

Go around the country

Another unique holiday thing to do is to visit your favorite sights around the country using the family RV or trailer. From your home, find out the interesting sites that you can see within the area or plan a cross-country trip from one point to another. The best thing about driving across the country is that you can find the hidden gems that line up every town there is. Be prepared for trailer troubles and make sure to have your trailer bearings checked before you start your journey.

Seeking out information online can help you plan the best holiday that your family will ever have. Make sure to keep your resources in tow and always bring extra cash just to be sure. With that in mind, go out with your family and create memories!


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