How The Shankly Hotel Has Changed Hotel Experiences


The Shankly Hotel is different to other hotels you’ve ever experienced. It’s not your average themed accommodation and you only have to spend one night here to realise why. This hotel is the first of its kind, and we’re about to tell you why.

The Inspiration
Before we tell you why it’s different, we’re here to provide a little bit of background on the hotel. The Shankly Hotel is a joint venture between the hotel company Signature Living and Bill Shankly’s family. Many people could assume that The Shankly Hotel is predominantly a Liverpool FC hotel. After all, it is located in Liverpool and the club offered Shankly the best years of his career. However, it is so much more than that.
The Shankly Hotel is a celebration of the late football player and manager’s life, from his childhood at Glenbuck, Scotland, all the way to his final years. He was a self-confessed man of the people, and people from across the world not only fell in love with his sporting success, but his character, wisdom and social values. It is this reason why the Shankly family and Lawrence & Katie Kenwright created a hotel that everyone would love to stay in, whether they are football fans or not.

The Shankly Experience
No accommodation can compete with The Shakly Hotel – new hotel in Liverpool. In addition to stylish rooms, modern facilities and a luxurious Jacuzzi bath, guests can take a visit to The Bastion Bar & Restaurant for a delicious meal, tasty cocktails and an electric atmosphere. You might be thinking “so what? Lots of hotels come with an on-site restaurant.” And you’d be right. Now, not only is the food some of the best in the city that you need to try, but you can also explore genuine Bill Shankly memorabilia that has been donated by the manager’s family from their personal collection.
You can take a look at Bill Shankly’s clothing, view his personal typewriter and can even check out his telegram from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. So, you can dine in a beautiful museum – and with so much to see at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, you’ll want to book a table for breakfast, lunch and dinner just to experience it all.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant is located within Liverpool city centre, so is ideal for travellers who are planning a trip to the beautiful city. You’ll therefore be a short distance away from Liverpool’s finest attractions, bars, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities.

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