How To Go Skiing On A Budget


If you are considering booking a skiing holiday, but just can’t afford the prices, don’t worry you are not alone.


The cost of a skiing holiday is the main factor that stops many families from booking a winter break. It isn’t just the cost of accommodation that’s a problem; it’s the extra costs like travel, lift passes and equipment hire.


A week-long skiing break could set you back over a thousand pounds. But, with some smart thinking it is possible to book a break at a lower cost.

To pay reduced amounts, have a read of our guide below.


Look for lower priced resorts


Don’t be fooled into thinking that to have a good time, you have to book your break in one of the best resorts. By booking a vacation at one of the cheaper resorts, you can save yourself money and still hit the slopes. Eastern Europe and Italy are both home to a variety of slightly cheaper resorts, including the Ellmau Resort in Austria and the Livigno Resort in Italy.


However, don’t be tempted to dismiss more expensive resorts completely. Instead, find out what you get for your money. For example, Swiss resorts are seen as being expensive, but they actually offer family groups good value for money. Offering children free travel, free equipment hire and free ski passes.


Start by comparing different resorts and seeing what they can offer you for your money. Whilst some resorts offer cheaper accommodation, the ski passes and equipment rental on offer, may cost more to hire. To get the best deals, it is a good idea to compare the prices of a few different resorts.


Is a package deal worth it?


Whilst most skiers choose holiday package deals, you could opt to organise your own holiday. By booking your own accommodation, flights and ski passes separately, you may be able to save yourself some money.


However, it may also be worth looking online to compare the prices of all-inclusive trips. For example, if you were to book one of Snowfinders ski chalets, an all-inclusive package would cover the cost of your transfers and food. Some package deals also include travel insurance, which is essential if you are going on a skiing holiday.


Before making any decisions, find out exactly what is covered in an all-inclusive price and compare it to the cost of booking your holiday separately.


Choose the right time to go


Like any travel destination, certain times of the year are cheaper to book. As the skiing season comes to an end, holidays become much cheaper.

So, before booking your holiday, it is worth look at when the most reasonable times to visit are. If you are unsure, pop into your local travel agents and ask for their advice.


Don’t buy your equipment


Buying skiing equipment is expensive, and kitting out just one person can cost over £300. Ask around and see if any friends or family members have ski wear that you can borrow or buy off them at a cheaper price.


If you don’t have anyone you can borrow equipment from, have a look at the resort hire prices. It tends to be much cheaper to rent items from your resort than it is to buy them. Obviously, there are certain things that you will need to purchase, like thermals, ski socks, and a ski jacket, but everything else it is best to borrow.




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