How To Have The Best Gap Year Ever


If the prospect of university doesn’t seem like the right option for you, then a gap year might be what you need. Or perhaps you just need a break from your career to figure out what you want from life. There are many reasons to take a gap year and it can come at any time in your life. It’s a great way to gain some life experience and see the world. You can also use it to build up skills you wouldn’t normally.


You should use your gap year to do exactly what you want. It’s a period of time to think about yourself so think about it wisely. You’ll need to plan ahead and save for it, so be sure it’s what you want. If you’re still unsure, think about the goals you want to achieve in life. Whether it’s travel, a certain career or learning a language, a gap year can help you. Here are some top gap year ideas:


Teaching English Abroad


You’ll often need an undergraduate degree and a qualification in teaching abroad. However, the teaching abroad qualifications can be achieved fairly quickly. There are options to teach in over a hundred countries so you can pick whichever part of the world you like. You could teach in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia or South America for instance. Teaching English is a very rewarding way to spend your gap year and you’ll learn all manner of new skills.


Become A Ski Instructor


If you love being out on the slopes, why not take an entire ski season? If you take a ski instructor course you’ll gain a valuable qualification as well. A course such as the Alltracks Academy in Whistler provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need. Check out their courses at You’ll also get to ski the world renowned Whistler/Blackcomb mountains for an entire season. They do cost a little money. However, the great thing about a skiing gap year is that you can work while you’re there. There are plenty of bars that need tending and chalets that need looking after. You’ll make loads of new friends and have the time of your life.




If you prefer a less rigid gap year, consider backpacking. Buy yourself a Round-the-World plane ticket and just hit the road. This can be as cheap as you want to make it. You can crash on sofas, cook on the road and hitch-hike your way around your favourite countries. Get out your map and just see where the world takes you.


Study Abroad


Perhaps you love the idea of further study, just not in this country, there are options for you. You can combine your favourite subject with learning a new language. You’ll learn just as much from a new culture as you will from your course. It will be a challenge but you won’t just leave with a degree. You’ll leave with a new language and a deep understanding of a foreign culture.


Hopefully this provides you with a few ideas to get started. Remember, your gap year is all about discovering what you want from the world. No idea is too big or too crazy. If you think it, you can do it. Start planning your gap year now.

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