How To Really See Your Holiday Destination


Do you ever get back from holiday and find the first thing people ask is “how was it”? Do you then scratch your head and wonder why you didn’t really find out? When we go on holiday, we tend to stay in just one place, and get to know that tiny corner of what could be a fabulous country. We don’t often get to know the locals, or spend any time exploring the area, or indeed the rest of the region. It seems such a shame that after a full week away, the first image that pops into our head of our holiday is the hotel we stayed in.


There are lots of ways to really get to know a different country. Spend time with the locals and visit sites of cultural and historical significance. These can go a long way to providing you with lots more conversation pieces about your holiday. Although we all want a great bed to rest our tired bodies on at the end of the day, the things we get up to while we are awake are what truly make the holiday memorable.


If you were to visit France, you could sample the food, wines from each of the key regions and one or two of the cities. You may want be down in the South to sample life in the Mediterranean, or be in the North to take in the great sights of Paris. The trouble is, everything in between kind of gets forgotten, yet much of France exists between these two points. One of the best ways to really get to know a French region is to cycle it.

If you check out websites like, you will be able to find dozens of great cycling holidays. These allow you to really get to explore France and find out what makes its people tick. The slower pace of cycling through the countryside and exploring more of this great nation makes for a great holiday. You can take in some of the wonderful sites as well as the beautiful scenery. Take your time and enjoy the world gently rolling past.


Of course, France is home to the greatest cycle race on Earth. If speed is more your thing, and you want to try your bike out on some of the toughest terrains you can get your gears into, then a French cycling tour could be for you. Take on mountainous slopes or fast roads, while enjoying what France has to offer at each stop. There are cycling tours to suit every individual. You just need to pick what you want to do, what you want to see, and when you can go!


Cycling is a great way to spend your holiday, as it provides so much more freedom to really explore a place. Take a cycling tour this summer to see if it is your cup of tea. Book a complete package, or plan your trip yourself, choosing the kind of accommodation that suits you best.


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