Something for Everyone in Texas

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Though it’s far from the coastal institutions of California and New York, Texas is still one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. As one of the largest states in the country, and home to some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas, Texas has something to offer everyone. Those who love the culture of the big city and those who prefer relaxing outdoors, far from the bustling crowd, can both find things to entertain them in Texas. In addition, Texas has great arts and entertainment opportunities, unique chances for the whole family to learn something and come to appreciate the state more.

While Texas has plenty of year-round attractions for tourists, those who are planning a trip to the state may want to center it around one of the annual attractions. Whether you like food, art, film or music, there are events in Texas that you can enjoy. While Austin is generally considered the hub of culture in the state, other major metropolitan areas like Dallas and Ft. Worth also have their share of attractions. Enjoy the annual Craft Brewers Festival, the ATX Television Festival, or, for those who prefer things a little strange, the Keep Austin Weird 5K Mini-Marathon.

No matter how you prefer to entertain yourself this summer, there is bound to be something you and your family can enjoy in Texas.


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