An Indonesian Travel Guide for Beginners

If you’re new to travelling, Indonesia, or both, this travel guide for beginners is absolutely perfect for you. If you use the tips in this guide, you’ll love your experience a whole lot more and side step many things that could go wrong. Let’s start!   Travelling to the Capital and Beyond   Thinking of travelling to the capital of Indonesia? Don’t! Jakarta is full of all of the bad things in Indonesia; pollution and nasty people to name just a few. If you’re heading Read more [...]

The Importance Of Extreme Sports Insurance For Your Next Holiday

With more people heading abroad for their holidays, it is vital that they all have adequate insurance to protect them in case of accident, illness, or loss. Those who do not take it out risk substantial financial loss if something goes wrong while they are away. After all, a private hospital jet to bring a severely ill member of the family home will cost a fortune to hire. The problem we all face is the number of companies out there, all competing for your business. It is difficult to sort the wheat Read more [...]

Travel guide: must-see diving destination

Blessed with some of the richest waters in the world, Borneo plays host to amazing and diverse range of scuba diving destinations. With lots of diving activities to choose from, nothing beats scuba diving experience in Borneo. Depending on where you choose, diving in Borneo offers endless opportunities that just make diving a memorable experience. Borneo is home to white sandy beaches and coconut-lined coastlines that just provide a beautiful setting that complements a diving experience. But what Read more [...]