The Importance Of Extreme Sports Insurance For Your Next Holiday


With more people heading abroad for their holidays, it is vital that they all have adequate insurance to protect them in case of accident, illness, or loss. Those who do not take it out risk substantial financial loss if something goes wrong while they are away. After all, a private hospital jet to bring a severely ill member of the family home will cost a fortune to hire. The problem we all face is the number of companies out there, all competing for your business. It is difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff as they say. Extreme sports are risky; you cannot escape that fact,



We will attempt to remove the veil of mystery from holiday insurance so that you feel confident in taking out the best policy for your needs. It isn’t always down to cost either; holiday insurance is cheap these days.


Excess Charges

Every insurance policy will have an excess charge that you must pay in the event of misfortune. A cheap policy is likely to have a higher excess than an expensive one. You must compare it to levels of cover, to see if they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Take, for example, a policy that has an excess charge of three-hundred pounds. If the level of cover for theft of your snowboard is the same amount, it renders the insurance useless.


Pre-existing Conditions

You must never fail to disclose any conditions from which you suffer in order to cut the cost of cover. The insurance is there to protect you, so you only cheat yourself at the end of the day. Too many people think ‘it will never happen to me.’ If that is the case then why bother taking out protection at all?


Extra Dangers

The experts at Protectivity Insurance say that too many people forget to take out sports cover if they are taking part in risky activities. If you intend to base jump off Victoria falls, for example, a standard policy is not suitable for your needs. The same goes for ski jumping or free diving. They must tailor the cover to your needs.



You must be clear about the activities you intend to undertake and check the small print for conditions that the insurers will impose. If you do not adhere to them, the insurance will become void. If you are mountain climbing, they might specify that you use approved helmets and equipment, for example. Should an accident happen, you can be sure that they will investigate the cause.


I advise you to go to a company that specialises in sports insurance. You can buy it anywhere, but it may not give you the protection you need. The experts will understand issues that you never thought about and will advise you. You might know a lot about the extreme sport that is your passion, but insurance is an entirely new ballgame. Even those who worked in the industry for decades still learn something new every day. Find a company you trust and be honest with them; they are there to help


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