The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in the UK


The UK might not be the biggest or best place to visit in the world, but you can’t deny that it’s got a lot of places to party. The British people like a drink, so if you want a good night out there are plenty of places you can try here. Find out where to go and what to do with our ultimate guide to nightlife in the UK!




London is the capital of the UK, so as you can imagine, there are plenty of places to go here. This guide will list only the best so you can decide what kind of night out would suit you:


  • Mayfair is expensive and glamorous. If you have a lot of money to spend on your beverages, then going out here might be a nice idea. You could end up queuing for hours to get into a club though, so beware of that!
  • The party is always on in Soho, so if you want somewhere seriously fun to go out this is the place.
  • If you want something a little different, you have the option of Thames boat party. Things can get a little wild out at sea in London!
  • Camden is the weirdest and most wonderful place in London, so if you’re after a night out that offers all kind of quirky experiences this is your go-to place. Be warned: you need a strong stomach to visit this place!




Birmingham is great if you go to the right places. It’s quirky and cool; a fab place to go if you want to enjoy a little indie music and a few cocktails. Here are some of the best places to visit if you’re out and about in ‘Brum’:


  • The Jekyll and Hyde is a great little cocktail bar themed around Alice in Wonderland.
  • Snobs is the club for you if you enjoy indie and rock ‘n’ roll music!
  • Digbeth has some quirky raves in abandoned warehouses. You can even shop for vintage in the day time and get a feel for the quirkiness if you like that kind of thing!




In Manchester the people are very friendly. After you’ve explored and perhaps even taken a look around the Trafford Centre, try heading over to Canal Street or Deansgate Lock for a night out you won’t forget in a hurry. Try these places for a great night:


  • Lock 91.
  • Secura.
  • Atlas.




Newcastle is full of friendly ‘geordies’ and is a good laugh on a night out with friends. You may have heard bad things about it due to programs such as ‘Geordie Shore’, but you’ll love it once you get there! Try these bars and clubs:


  • Digital.
  • Perdu.
  • The Cut.





When you arrive in Bristol you’ll soon realise that these guys know how to throw a party. This is a great place to go on a night out for a milestone birthday or even a hen/stag do! Make sure you visit these bars and clubs:


  • Oceana.
  • Reflex.
  • Jongleurs.




Although these are the best places to go out in the UK, the nightlife is what you make of it. Have fun!




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