The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Vacation In Egypt


Egypt is one of the finest places to visit as a tourist. From the pyramids to the Nile, there are many great things to do and see in the area. There is a wealth of history and culture in Egypt, and so if you are looking for a vacation you can learn from, this might be for you. Before you embark on your adventure, be sure to read this handy guide. First-time tourists may find Egypt a little intimidating. The culture is different from westernized cultures and at first may seem a little scary. There is nothing to fear. The country has many tourists visit every year and is a popular attraction for many people. Here is the ultimate guide to a vacation in Egypt.


Seasons and when you should visit


The weather is Egypt can get extremely hot. If you want to explore the land and see the sights, you will need to go during the cool season. The cool season is from October until May. Many people go to Egypt for the heat, and so the cool season is also the cheapest time of year to visit the country. The rest of the year the prices for flights and hotels are high. That means that you will pay much more money for your vacation if you go during the hot season. You can get a real bargain if you visit in November or December as tourism is low during this period.


Visas and travel documents


You can stay in Egypt for up to two weeks without a travel visa. When you go through the airport, you will get a stamp to say that you can return during this period. If you wish to stay for an extended period, you will need to apply for a travel visa. It could take up to three months for the authorities to approve your visa. You will need to allow a good amount of time to get your visa and should not book your vacation before you get it. The authorities need to give you permission to visit the country for longer than two weeks, and so you need to wait for their approval. As with any foreign vacation, you will need your travel documents and passport to travel to the country.


Finding the right hotel in Egypt


Finding the best hotel deals in the country can be tricky. Of course, you will get cheap deals if you book far in advance. The truth is that everything in Egypt is quite cheap because of the great exchange rate we get. That means that it is worth splashing out and getting a five star hotel. Doing so will cost you as much as an average hotel would cost you in Europe or the US, and so is reasonable.


Ask about excursions


You likely want to see everything there is to see in Egypt. It is not the sort of country you want to roam by yourself. The best way to see the sights is to go on an excursion. Doing so means that you have a group to travel with and that you have a tour guide to show you the ropes. Ask at the reception of your hotel about excursions. There is no point booking trips before you go on vacation. If you try and book trips in advance, you won’t get value for your money. Your hotel receptionist will tell you about the best trips to join.


Eating and drinking


Just because you are staying in a five star hotel, that doesn’t mean you will always get five star food. Egypt is famous for its wide variety of cuisines. Often hotels don’t put emphasis on their cooking, and so you end up eating awful dishes. Make sure you look on Tripadvisor before booking your hotel. On the site, you can find honest reviews about the cuisine in restaurants. If all else fails, don’t worry. You can get pizza delivery in Egypt so you won’t starve.


What to wear


It is important to dress in a conservative manner when you are in Egypt. The country is Muslim by religion, and so people should cover up as much as possible. Doing so will also help you with the heat. The country is hot throughout the year; even the cool season is hot. Wear light material, which covers your skin from the sun.


Use the metro to travel around


When you’re in Egypt, you should use the metro to get around. Public transport is not great in the country, but the metro service is the fastest way to travel. Many tourists make the mistake of getting cabs around when they are in the country. Cab drivers are famous for overcharging tourists in the country. You will look like a tourist. As such, the driver will charge you more than the ride is worth. Taking the metro will mean that you reach your destination fast and will little hassle.


Value for money


Other than the cab fares, everything in Egypt is cheap. When you exchange your money, you will realize that you have a bulk of spending money for your trip. That means that you can live like royalty during your Egyptian trip. You will find that everything from food to accommodation is cheap compared to other destinations. Never take the first price someone offers you. The culture in Egypt is all about haggling. Negotiate on everything you pay for, and you will get a lot for your money.


The midday sun


During the hot season, the midday sun is almost unbearable. If you plan to go out during the day, you should go early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Many of the shops and attractions close in the middle of the day. The local people find the heat too much and will not work during the hot period. Take a chance to rest in the middle of the day. Relax by the pool and take a break. Leave the sightseeing until four or five in the afternoon.


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