The Ultimate Guide To Your Next Golf Holiday


It could be the best week ever. Five whole days to relax and play golf. If you’re a golf lover, an entire holiday devoted to the sport will probably be the highlight of your year. There are so many great options for golf holidays now. You are no longer restricted by budget either. There are some great resorts opening up in Turkey, Bulgaria and other emerging markets.


All inclusive golf holidays can really take the hassle out of it all too. Your hotel could be on the golf course and your meals, drinks and green fees will already be included. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? As long as you stick to the following few rules it will be! If you don’t plan ahead, your trip could be a nightmare.


What To Pack


Always check whether the resort you’re heading to has a dress code. You don’t want to turn up with nothing but shorts and a t-shirt to find there’s a formal code. Golfing’s off, lads. Pack some waterproof clothing and a good coat. Even if you’re heading somewhere warm, you just never know.


If you have a favourite brand of golf ball, it may be a good idea to take some with you. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same brand on holiday.




If you can’t possibly play without your own clubs, then you’ll need a hard-case to take them on a plane. Get a secure lock and be prepared put them in the oversized baggage section. This can mean it takes longer to check in and collect at each side of your trip. You should also have insurance on your equipment. Can you really trust the airline throwing your favourite clubs around?


It might be worth checking if your resort has a quality renting shop and just hire the equipment out there. It’ll probably work out cheaper.


Research the course


If you’re crazy about golf then you’ve probably researched every last bunker and green on the course. But if you’re a more casual player, do take the time to research it. Is the course within your handicap? Will you enjoy playing it? Is it hilly or flat? How many holes does it have? These questions will affect your enjoyment and relaxation during the week.


Also, make sure you check the condition of the course. You’ll want to go to a new or well kept resort. There’s nothing worse than spending a week on an awful course.


Finally, check if the course allows buggies. If not, you’ll have to be prepared to walk the entire length every day. If you’re not happy with that, you’ll want to choose a different resort.


Check the schedule!


The last thing you want is to turn up to your resort to find there’s a tournament on. You’ll be left trying to squeeze in a game at the end of the day. You might even find yourself unable to play at all. However, if there’s a major tournament taking place, this could be a great chance to see some professional golf. Just don’t let yourself miss out on your own game!


So now you’re all set. You’ve done your research, you know what to expect and your equipment is taken care off. All the hard work is done and now you can relax and enjoy your week of golf.

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