Top romantic destinations to get married in Europe


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Many couples choose to head abroad to tie the knot these days. Exotic, far-flung locations such as the Caribbean, Asia and the Far East have become hugely popular and are not out of reach for many budgets. But there are some fantastic wedding destinations closer to home as well, located in Europe.

Couples with less cash to splash around or who want as many of their friends and relatives to be able to attend as possible do not have to leave Europe to find a great location for their nuptials. Read on for the top romantic destinations to get married in Europe and click here to find your ideal luggage for the trip.


Paris, France

Arguably the most romantic city in the world, Paris is heaven for couples. From the sophisticated culture to long walks in the park, Paris has it all. During their trip couples can explore the iconic landmarks and world-class art galleries, shop the many boutiques, sample the decadent cuisine and try out local delicacies in the many markets.

Venice, Italy

Venice fights a close battle with Paris for Europe’s most romantic city. A ride for two on a gondola is surely the height of loved-up luxury, and then there are the beautiful cobbled streets and architecture to explore.

Barcelona, Spain

It may be a less obvious choice but Barcelona is great for a wedding. There is a vast array of fantastic hotels that cater for all needs, and globally-recognised restaurants, whatever you feel like eating. Add in the beautiful beaches that are perfect for a romantic evening stroll as the sun goes down and you’ve got a winner.

Santorini, Greece

This stunning Greek island is ideal for a romantic beach wedding. Sunshine and sand are in abundance, and what could be better than dining al fresco in one of the picturesque villages.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has been dubbed the most beautiful city in the world so couples looking for the ideal backdrop for their wedding photos will not be disappointed. The architecture is astounding, local beer is cheap and culture is everywhere – romantic jazz cruise along the river, perhaps?

Budapest, Hungary

 If romance means exploring a historic city then Budapest is a great choice. The streets are full of impressive Gothic buildings and there are a lot of must-see sights that will look great in your wedding album.

Milan, Italy

If you’re going to get married you may as well do it in style, and if looking good is high on your list of priorities then Milan is the place to go. Classy and fashionable, Milan is great for living it up for a few days. Just be prepared to splash the cash and never be seen without a glass of Champagne in hand!

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is another of Greek’s top resorts. Couples can escape to the island for a good dose of Mediterranean sun, complete with beautiful beaches, charming villages and a wide selection of bars and restaurants.


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