Top Tips For Interesting City Breaks


With the winter upon us, it is definitely time to think about escaping the drag of real life and booking our next holiday. Summer seems like such a distant memory, but fear not. It will come around again. Of course, if you are booking a holiday, you needn’t always wait for the summer to get to a hot and sunny destination.


You may not be interested in sun, sea and sangria this year. It’s possible you are looking to enjoy the sights of a new city, or maybe party in the city you know well. Some of us have even been looking to maximise a visit to a city near home. You might choose to take your vacation time city hopping just two or three days at a time. This is a great way to maximise your leave from work. It means you can book time away over a period of several weeks instead of block leave over just one.


Many younger people without families stuck to strict routines, are looking to do just this. Over the course of several months, it gives you a chance to take many long weekends instead of being off for one or two weeks at once. Breaking up your leave from work like this is beneficial to your boss too. It means you are available at times when colleagues might want to take block leave. For you, it means lots of little holidays to look forward to all year round. It can also save you a lot of money as you needn’t do this over the expensive vacation periods.


Another great way to save money is to book things last minute. This is fine if you are not too worried about where you will end up. This kind of surprise booking is particularly popular for users of as their hotel address is not revealed until after they have booked. It’s great fun for those who are free and easy with their travel arrangements, and also want to save substantially on their accommodation costs.


If you are looking for great city breaks then you may be more interested in the nightlife than the culture or arts. Alternatively, you may be picking a particular city for its great food. If you like to do the tourist thing you could look up some great tours, or find a trail to follow that will take in the best museums and architecture. If the theater is what you are looking for, every great city has something to offer. Some cities like New York and London can offer an exceptional variety of arts in their respective theater areas, or you can try something more classical like the opera.


Whatever you fancy, you can take each city break for a different reason. You could even keep going back to try something different each time. Popular cities like Barcelona, London, New York and Sydney offer so much you will want to go back time and again. Maybe you could try different types of accommodation each time too!


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