Top Tips For Organising A Group Skiing Trip


Organising a group skiing trip for a group of your friends or family can be a lot of fun, however it can also be a lot of hard work.


With so many different things to think about, from flights and accommodation to equipment hire and lift passes, there is a lot that needs to be organised. Although there is a lot to consider and organise, there is no need to get stressed out, all you need is some smart thinking and forward planning.


To help you keep on top of organising your group skiing trip, we have put together a handy guide below:


Be organised from the start


Being organised from the start will help to take some of the stress out of organising the trip. Create a list of everyone who is coming and their contact details etc.


What preferences do people have?


Before you do anything else, speak to the group of people who are coming on the trip and work out the criteria you need to meet. Such as the budget, type of accommodation, location, board type, and of course, the dates.


Consider what extras you would all enjoy – a swimming pool, sauna, golf course, bar, etc. When you are choosing accommodation, make sure you are aware of the groups skiing level, otherwise you may book somewhere that is too high for novice skiers in the group.


Book as soon as possible


Once you know what everyone wants from the trip, it is a good idea to get looking for the perfect deal as soon as possible. The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be. Plus, the earlier you book, the more choice you will have of accommodation, etc. Think of it like this, the more choice you have, the more chance you have of booking a trip that everyone in the group will be happy with.


For information of different skiing resorts and group packages, have a look at Momentum Ski.


Discuss skiing ability


Find out what level each member of the group can ski at. If there are novice skiers within the group that’s perfectly fine – just make sure to ask whether they would like to book in some lessons.


If you are booking your trip for a busy period, it is vital that you book lessons in advance. Otherwise, the spaces may all fill up.


If most of the group need skiing lessons and are at similar levels, you could consider hiring a private skiing instructor for the week.


Discuss equipment


Find out what the rest of the group would like to do about equipment. Do they expect you to book out all the equipment in advance? Or, is everyone happy to sort out their own equipment needs?


With a large group of people, it is probably best to leave everyone to sort out their own equipment. Otherwise, things may become too stressful for you.


Collect money beforehand


Make everyone is the group aware that you will not be booking the trip until everyone gives you their money for the trip. By taking money before you book, this will ensure that each group member is serious about the trip and won’t leave you out of pocket.





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